Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Workshop and Student Projects!

It's kinda funny, the feedback that means most to me is actually the outcome of projects my students and workshop attendees take on :) It's overwhelming to meet with so many different people with only one thing in common, a drive to craft. It's rewarding Alhamdulillah. And here's what some of them came up with :)

Each attendee was provided with a 6x6 piece of paper from the Prima Marketing Inc Fairy Belle Collection. There was another coordinating sheet, a border, 2 mulberry roses, and an ornate die cut shape. They were to take these kits and use them to create a card or a project layout. Adding other elements, inks, stamps, etc was completely their discretion.

I wanted the projects to reflect the though process these guys put through and how studying a bit of placement and design helps. :)

This one is by Sundus. She cut out the silhuette of the floral corner, and utilized the butterflies as add ons. She added sentiments on remaining paper and used the coordinating paper as a background... The border below is inverted but does the job. Good effort kiddo! Love the precision. You've even balanced out the elementsand aligned everything.

This one is by Jaihan at the Pearlbox. *waves* She used a tan/mustard base, embossed the background, and distressed it to show the embossing. The background is the coordinating paper, and like Sundus, her project also has the silhuette cut out. Hers is however more evident with the orientation. She topped the isle with a little distressing, her sentiment, the flowers and a pearl drop. The ornate border has been distressed. Good Job. I personally love the sentiment label.. it turned out great with the roses.Needs some more value contrast, but looks great :) Jaihan created this as a card, which was loved and adored by the recepient. *thumbs up!*

This was Falak's project. Now for me, her attending the workshop as a cake crafter was pretty cool. And when she said what she learned at the workshop completely applied to what she did at home, it made me smile ear to ear! Alhamdulilah :)
She went a step fruther, and applied the embossing at home technique with laces she found lying around the house. She made her own paper rosettes with one of my tutorials and added adorable butterflies for dimension. She tried creating interest in the project by creating layers. Which is fab. There's bling too! We need a little work on which elements coordinate and match, but I am VERY happy to see you apply everything you learned that day :) Great Job Falak!
These projects have been carried out by the workshop attendees on their own. As initial projects, these are awesome! Makes me feel better as an instructor, and makes me super proud of them for grasping 3 hours of non stop craft talk! hehe.
The rest still need to submit their projects. Will add them as edits later :)



  1. This is amazing!! super super effort!
    A big pat on the back to them and you!! a job well done!!

  2. this is superb work gurlllll...keep it up

  3. Thanks for sharing Varah ^_^ i couldn't wait to try my hands on all what you taught us, and i started straight after getting home. Since it was my first ever attempt in doing something of this sort i was so excited and hence i wanted to try about everything :P -- which you can see in the picture too haha(i been wanting to do some changes to it since i think i over did the whole design) but super duper thanks for such great workshop and giving me an opportunity to make projects i thought were not possible without all the professional tools..anxiously waiting for the goodies you will get in December inshallah...drawing and crafting is something i loved doing as a kid and now im so happy i m able to do it as an adult too, honestly i never thought i could make something even like this so THANK YOU so much shall be hearing from me alot inshallah since i always learning, and you my teacher be the BEST inshallah ^_^


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