Monday, 29 October 2012

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You know how when you're playing an RPG? And you go down a route, or gather this many 'coins'... or find that certain elixer or talk to that certain village person.. it's like every move you make in the game actually has a purpose... or an outcome. I recall that from the days my brother and I used to spend HOURS playing Final Fantasy X. You go down road A, you will end up at destination A, and later on in the game, everything will be linked to what you encountered at road A. The same way you take road B, all things you further witness or face will mount to destination B.

Like an RPG (Role Playing Game), I believe that choices we make have alternate endings written in our book of fate above. Yes, nothing happens without the will of Allah Kareem, but we have been given minds to think, and hearts to feel... we do take decisions with faith in our Rabb, but it is our doings that bring on further deeds or misfortunes. All good things that come are from Him, all ills are our own doings.

So when someone distraught and in dismay sighs and says God willed for this to happen, this is that point in the RPG, where you use that antedote you found in the forest... to renew your faith.. to turn to Him, to turn to His commands, to turn to His deen. Some times Allah Kareem takes away everything that you hold dear, to call you closer to Him. There is khair in everything, Alhamdulillah. Had an accident? Car got scratches, windshield cracked? Alhamdulillah, things could have been worse! That windhield could have shattered glass injurying everyone with deep cuts and wounds. Fell sick? Had an injury? Alhamdulillah! The illness could have been fatal, the injury could have been life altering! Have a job you hate? Have a boss you loathe? Have customers you can't tolerate? It could be worse... you could have no job at all, you could have a boss that cheats you out of your pay, and you might not have customers at all...

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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