Thursday, 25 October 2012

Contemplations, Confessions and a little Crying it out.

Every news clipping features the beautiful captures from the Hajjis performing their duties as Muslims. It's beautiful, completely breath taking, and watching these photographs takes me back 6 years. When the entire family performed Hajj e Akbar.

I sadly don't recall all the experiences, because I was 'young' at that time, the same way I feel I gained more at Haazri this year than I did ever before. I do recall two things very clearly. ONE. When I was on mount Arafat with all other pilgrims, crying out their hearts, and requesting the Almighty with their pleas... I had made a special prayer, which I see unfold bit by bit today. Nearly 6 years later. and TWO when I sat and sketched the minaret of Masjid e Nabawi. When I went back this year, the sketch I had showed how much the architecture had altered!

I have slipped and skid so many times, yet Allah Kareem's vast Mercy brings me back to stand, on my two feet, with a drive to create, and an innate need to create good or happy. I don't know if it's to make up for lost years or just to stay close to Him and His path. Whichever the scenario, I am still gauging, I am blessed. Recent weeks, have been a little turbular for me.

Every hospital visit to Nani has been freaky. I panic really quickly. And I'm very sentimental. I'm not at all brave. And more recently my dad. He works a lot. He's worked a lot all the time. But he's given me a lot... and the most important thing he has worked to provide me with is the Degree I slaved 4 years over.

Lately him being tired or stressed leads to him not feeling too great. And it bugs me. Because he's not here, but MILES away. So it's not like you can walk in and check on him every few hours. So for me, the timing of my travels, the upcoming 'vacation' fell into place perfectly... after 6 years of one prayer. SubhanAllah. It honestly struck me a little while ago. Nearly 3 weeks ago, my dad and I spoke about some changes we were going to make... some AWESOME things we hope to accomplish inshaAllah. When I reflected on the conversation and where it was headed, it kept taking me back to a prayer I made... not just back in March when we went for Umra, but 6 years ago, around the same time of the year, while we were away for Haj. It's one of those overwhelming and moving experiences, a miracle coming into light sort of tale. It brings me to this yet again, Allah Kareem writes the Master Plan. Some things may take time... but nothing worth it comes easy or quick! It's drop by drop that makes a vessel overflow.

I wish we can go back to this setting. To set things straight, to make amends. To repent. And to promise that we will renew our faith and cleanse our souls. People often sit back and think, one Haj is enough, one Haj is Fard on every sane, Muslim adult that can afford it. Doing it more than once is cleansing your soul with the pious intention. The same for Umra. Often you hear people say, Umra has been done, let's go to Europe now, or let's explore Australia... the truth is, every journey of pilgrimage refreshes and renews our faith. The vibes from the Holy Courts, the energy of the sacred places, and of course, the goodness and purity of the blessed cities especially, do create a change and stir forces within our souls. I went through an odd cleansing when I was in Saudi earlier this year. I was sick in bed for nearly 10 days. I used to cough and vomit water. Night and Day. Would remain in fever and chills. It wasn't just me being sick physically, it was a cleansing... you know, how illnesses are a way to wash your sins by the Grace of Allah Kareem. We need these 'vacations' from the world to be back on track, focused on our faiths.

Anyhow, Hajj Mubarak and a very Happy Eid ul Adha to all our brothers and sisters around the globe :) May Allah Kareem accept our sacrifices. Ooooh! This is my first year doing Qurbani by myself! Super exciting. Alhamdulillah! The goats are in the garden baaaaing away. I feel kinda sad, but that's the good thing right? You're supposed to be attached to your animal before you sacrifice it? Isn't it? I hope and pray I can keep this up inshaAllah every year. Lots of things to be thankful for... imagine if were were in the times of our ancestors... or the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam? We'd care or be more considerate over the well being of our family and friends alongside our eman, than our egos and possessions. May Allah Kareem guide us all.

Labayk Allah Humma Labayk! *inshaAllah once again when He calls me.
While this beautiful year, 2012 nears it's closure and so does our Hijri Calendar... here's a series of events that make everything all the more special for ME. The Firefly Girl and ME, Varah Musavvir :)

January 2012, trip to the States. This time NEW YORK! The awesomest days ever, seeing all the art galleries, checking out all the museums, and drooling over all the beautiful things I had always read about in books. Alhamdulillah!

March 2012, conducted the first ever Ultimate Crafter's Workshops, in two sessions. 32 students. A project for awareness, and other great crafty things. ALL in National Crafts Month. Firefly was approved for retail by international manufacturers this year! We turned two and had the most amazing celebrations! MashaAllah.

April 2012, Haazri. After almost 5 years, I visited the holy lands and was blessed to be called to the courts of Rasool Allah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam and then traveled to the Haram, for Umra. The best holiday ever.

May 2012, The Wedding. I tied the knot with my best friend, my husband, my companion. The first wedding for my generation in the family... and pretty perfect one for that! Alhamdulillah!

June 2012, I got to see a place I had never imagined living in... I saw Hong Kong. My new home. The moveeee.  :)

July 2012, Visa was up, and Firefly was back in Pakistan as promised!

August 2012, Then it was Ramadan. And we put our heart and soul into the 99 Project. MashaAllah, the most response we've ever received on a piece at Firefly. Days of research, edits, designing, and labor. Fruitful, and perfectly rewarding. Allah Kareem, please be pleased with me.

September 2012, Firefly launched the Crafters' Guild and coined the Crafter's Expo for Pakistan in Karachi. Over 2300 visitors. 6 hours of amazement for crafters, hobbyists, craft enthusiasts friends and family. Alhamdulillah! I launched Jugnoo & Junoon this month too... a new project for those who grew up with Firefly, and have a taste for accessories with that touch of funk! *wink*

October 2012, Firefly traveled to Islamabad to share the crafty passion and conducted the Ultimate Crafter's Workshop Series. A milestone. Big time! MashaAllah. We also did a mini exhibit for our friends and fans in Islamabad. That's not all! Firefly officially registered as a company this month too! SubhanAllah, what a year of happenings. :) All grown up is it? This is also the time for Eid ul Adha, when I'm pitching in for my own part of Qurbani Alhamdulilah! :))

Duas please :) The Firefly Girl sends out lots of love and HEAPS of happy wishes for all of you!

At the end of the day, I often get asked, why Firefly... a Firefly glows wherever it goes. It creates its own light in the darkest of places. This Firefly is no different. :) Smile Sunshine!

PS: we crossed 9000 today.
PSS: someone asked me for an autograph. I don't know what to do! O_o

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  1. LOL give them the damn autograph girl! :D

    congratulations on a beautiful year and i hope all years to come are as fruitful as this one. ameen.


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