Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Watching all the disaster updates gives me shudders. May Allah Kareem keep us all from harm and have utmost mercy on those struggling or undergoing hard times. We may not have waves and water flooding our roads at this point, but seeing this is enough to awaken the fear of Allah Kareem's wrath and remind us of His utmost Mercy on us all. He sends those sometimes, to test His believing ones, and awaken the eman in His sleeping ones. He loves us beyond any bond or relationship, and He does not abandon His creations. Tawakkal Allah, all the way. He writes the Master Plan! Ya Rabb call us to Your faith, before You call us to You. Keep safe all our loved ones, and free all our brothers and sisters across the globe of their distress and grief! Ameen.
I believe that we often bring these calamities upon ourselves, maybe if we respected our faith more, or spent more time doing ibadah instead of maybe wasting our days... we could keep away these misfortunes. We are responsible for all ills that come our way... it may be something as metaphoric as immodesty or lack of adab in the way we dress... or the culture we may adopt forgetting the principles of our Eman... and drinking nights to glamor and worldly gains. I'm not a perfect Muslim, but I believe if ever our city begins to burn or violence spreads.. we're responsible for it to some extent. It is His great favor that things could be worse... Alhamdulillah Alhamulillah Alhamdulillah. To all that is, and all that has ever been!

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