Monday, 23 April 2012

Musings :)

We're still here, MashaAllah, in the city that is ever so quiet and serene. There isn't a sigh to be heard....
I've been unwell. Caught on to a bad through thanks to blueberry slush. It was due I suppose, had been having the E.N.T. symptoms since we reached Saudi. I've been resting cause of the fever, being near the Haram over all is pretty sweet. It makes you reflect and think, not just about your deeds but tracking back to history's footsteps... you know the hard times, the grueling hardships... the miracles... and of course... the spiritual happenings. I don't expect everyone to understand, relate or even agree... but I've gone into this phase thinking all the time about what I can give, to receive... and not in regard to people, but my Rabb. He is so Kind, so Forgiving and so Loving, what might I have to deserve His Mercy? Everyone strives to do good to make Jannah their destination. Isn't that secondary? Our purpose is to serve Him. To make Him pleased with us. 

When I contemplate, my line of work comes in front of me every time. Today, there's a plathora of businesses that now cash in on the idea of 'spreading smiles' or 'sentiments'. Alhamdulillah to that! May Allah Kareem give everyone their Just share and give them Barakah in what they do.... I try keeping my aim to bring smiles to those around me, and funnily enough, I receive comments and feedback being told I'm gaining ajar by spreading smiles. It's sunnah to smile, bringing a smile to someone or livening up someone's life too is a good deed, neh?

Every year during the month of Rabi ul Awwal, our home gets lit up with fairy lights, and my little sister and I get outfits made for the 12th, like the real Eid... we even apply Henna in the evening and carry bags of candy to distribute in the mehfil to little children... it's just something that is strongly a part of us. Alhamdulillah! it is in the month of Rabi ul Awwal that I've also had to choose between submissions for schools, exams, get togethers with friends, family picnics and just about everything one could imagine to steal me away for a few hours so I don't attend the mehfil... mama and baba always give me the choice... and before going I feel a little low about what others have said to me in response to not showing up or opting out of an activity, but when I go... everything changes. I've been written to attend it and my evening time has been written there, in the ibadah of Allah Kareem and in praise of Aaqa Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam.

Over the last few years, my mind has been synced with my beliefs greatly... and I believe souls that are of the same lot, as assembled above in heaven before being sent down in bodies do gel together or find each others company in this dunya. Whether it's through work, school, community, family or just ibadah. SubhanAllah.

*break here.... I'm sitting in front of the window which faces the Haram, and those canopies that provide shade during the day just closed. It was so COOL!* :D

Back to what we were talking about... Two years ago, my mum used to drill after me, to write a few nice quotes or hadith prettied up and share them... and I just never used to get to it, for some reason or another. Last year though, out of the blue, I asked my fiance for help in gathering Quranic Ayah's and Ahadith to do the Pearls of Wisdom series while I designed them. We worked on them for the entire month and even kept a back up plan, where he would upload the Wisdom of the Day if I couldn't. It felt great doing so! And everyone that visited Firefly benefit from it by reading, learning and responding to it. Pretty amazing right? Mum was overwhelmed as it is something she wished I had done for a long time, and out of no where I had the motivation to...

And that is life? Allah Kareem says spend in my way, and I will return it to you in ten times greater the amount. Completely agree! So Allah Kareem, I humbly request, you accept my ibadah, and the time I put into encouraging good, in preparing supplications, or in sharing the mention of Your name and Your Beloved's. Please forgive me for the wrongs I may have unknowingly crossed. The success I have is from You, and the barakah in my work, too comes from You! Alhamdulillah!

There are those who find me negative, and those who see whatever that's good in the light less appealing, at times I ask myself why... then a little voice says. Do what you are for your Rabb and His Beloved, and everything will be just fine. :) Nothing good, pious or true in life comes easy, there are hurdles, not calamities, but just trials and tribulations set forth by the devious doings of Shaytaan. He obviously can't stand good, can he? So he who triumphs, is surely the winner.. or at least.. is attempting to remain steadfast to his/her beliefs.

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  1. Varah this is beautiful! Wish i visit the blessed place someday soon inshaALLAH!
    As for the pearls of wisdom. I had meant to share something from my page, maybe a good morning message everyday...but now after reading this i too want to share Quranic Ayats and Ahadis. Can I copy this idea of yours?


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