Friday, 11 May 2012


Could someone please explain to me.... how having a schedule, working day and night around it, then having city circumstances change, and then further unforeseen circumstances hit full throttle are in my control? I am very sorry to say, for the first time I am very very glad I am taking a break from orders and work... it isn't working at odd hours of the night or 18 hours of the day to make someone's gift perfect that hit me, it's the attitude several recent orders have brought with it.

I had a million and one ideas to personalize the upcoming wedding events, I executed none... I had wanted to to do vintage collages for my wedding invites, I sat and made tagbooks instead. I was supposed to prepare gifts for my loved ones, instead I sat rectifying and reprocessing others gifts for their loved ones til a day before I flew. Everyone's been flaming me for their orders, I walked all over the streets of Madina Pak praying nothing happens to me so I can go back and hand over everyone's amanat. Everyone thinks I've just been sitting idle or lazing... simply procrastinating their work.. while I've been staring at it on my shelves wondering when to pull away from the house to post it. *not that anyone should understand* For heaven's sake, if the parcel goes undelivered because you're not home, that too is my fault I assume.

I had to call TCS from Saudi to track orders because we have had people provide incorrect addresses or have their parcels sent back home because no such recipient is present. Alhamdulillah I understand what my responsibilities are and I very well know my customers are super important... I have two orders left to dispatch, one was with my aunt, which I got today, another I hadn't heard for... I was at TCS at quarter to ten in the monring... to dispatch the same day. The car and driver aren't exactly 'free' when you have a shaadi ka ghar. Which means I spent Rs 700 on having same day shipping as compared to 190. Exciting isn't it? All because I couldn't leave the house on Thursday...

If you've placed an order, you are totally totally welcome to expect service, quality and perfection, but if you believe paying money means you talk to someone any way you want is okay, I'm sorry. We don't work that way. We love all those who come our way and we are here on the principle of spreading smiles and inviting good!

Our digital orders are outsourced, which means we rely on a printer and what happens there is sometimes not what we have control over *ie when everything in Karachi was shut down* so if the situation in the city ever goes bad, we give preference to our outsourced pieces as we do not know how long the shops and markets will remain closed... handmade orders we do ourselves.. well I do. Firefly's managed by one person, me.. the Firefly Girl.

We had a flight scheduled for Umrah, and due to a week lost out on work, all our handmade orders lost their time... Flights from Saudi are kept with a mehram, and if you travel in a group, you're kinda bound regardless what you planned to do when you got back! Our stay was extended by a few days, and after getting back it's been a hurl of things with people flying in, house work getting done, getting bags unpacked and put away and just about finishing up clothes and getting everyone together to celebrate. *not that anyone should understand*

Making up stories about collection and then saying you were expecting better, or giving 2 months time and expecting an order within a month... just doesn't add up. Leaving all design and color choices up to me and then saying oh this isn't what I wanted doesn't work either. Please specify your requirements when placing your orders. It helps us create something you love, and it makes your order what you wanted. We will be revising several policies and procedures, and we request all to please oblige as it would help us serve you better. I apologize for the inconvenience some of you have faced in the last month.

I sincerely request leave, please do not email for orders. They are closed. The Firefly Girl is tying the knot at the end of the month and will be transitioning to a new place. If you have concerns, bring them forward, always ready to serve or accommodate you and your order *for those who have faced a defect, a delay or just didn't like what they received*

On a positive note, being back is another journey now... from Saudi that is. Wedding preps in full swing, guests and family everywhere and just a lot happening and a lot to get done... Not much time til I jet set now :D weeeeee. Hong Kong.

Insomnia's been eating my dreams... and I've gone into a very contemplating mode for myself and life as of recently... Positive things Alhamduilillah and upcoming changes. The Umrah was the best vacation ever, it was the perfect escape to cleanse the soul, and a perfect get away from pretty much anything and everything that was worldly or slightly straining on the thoughts or emotions. I've had a lot to share about my trip there, I suppose I'll spare a separate blog post for that. This was actually a little rant I had as a status, but it ended up with this many words... things happen when you start writing...

Hope each of you who stop by and visit Firefly leave with a smile, or a little warm inside :) The forecast is whimsical with a chance of rainbows!
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