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Labaik! Quba Sharif and Abu Karb As'ad Hamiri

Hope all those that stop by and visit my little Firefly today are doing well and are keeping happy thoughts as there is so much fear and sorrow in our midst. Over a hundred passengers lost their lives today and this threatening and devastating news came close to home as my own Baba was going to board that plane... at the last minute he switched to a flight by PIA at 7 pm. He is carrying with him the passports of all those who will be coming to Saudi for Umra as part of our yearly 'kafla'. We travel with our shaykh every year for 20 days... lodging in the blessed courts of Aaqa Rasool Allah and then travel to Baitulllah in Makkah Shareef for Hazri.  We spoke to Baba, and he wouldn't speak. Such a grave responsibility on his shoulders... and it is amazing how souls are connected, even across thousands of miles. The time of the crash, we were out for Ziyarah of sacred places near the city of Madinah tul Munawarrah. We were wrapping up and trying to find a place to lunch... and somehow every place we went, there was some eerie form of rukawat, a quiet fear... and just an outright negative feeling.

We gave up and reached home to find out there has been a crash... and we tried talking to Baba, he was going to take the flight that went down and SubhanAllah, Allah Kareem kept him safe... Due to the crash, the airport was sealed, and instead of Islamabad, Baba got off at Lahore... It's been a shaking experience... an it is saddening. We really don't know how much time we have written in this dunya, we want to live forever and reap the fruits of our lives here... everyone wants to go to Jannah, but really.. what have we done to prepare for it? I am not holy, I am not saintly... I am indeed very sinful. It is the Karam of my Rabb that has cloaked my deeds and blessed me to attempt a stroll on the right path. *Alhamdulillah!*

If you are following these words, please spare a moment to recite a prayer for the lives lost today, that their journey thereon is easy and that Allah Kareem gives utmost sabar to the families of those now deceased. We haven't the right to question why or exclaim that they were too young! or they weren't meant to go! Allah is Great and He writes the Master Plan. A friend lost her cousin and a one year old baby, sad and sorrow filled... May Allah Kareem grant the infant the sweetest abode in Jannah as he hasn't yet lived a life to sin in.

Transitioning away, we have Alhamdulillah performed our Umra. I still feel it is surreal... I still cannot believe it. I visited this holy place after 5 years. Calling this bulawa an honor does not do justice at all. Mama says, beta it isn't always because you've been good, sometimes it's so that Allah Kareem can pull your ears and remind you that you need to straighten yourself up :) Allah Kareem knows best, and I pray that my ibadah is accepted and that I return to remain cleansed and on the right path. InshaAllah.

We are in Madina Pak now, and it's so soothing MashaAllah... there's this quietness... this peace... everyone is at ease.. everyone is at a height of 'sukoon'... The blessings of our Aaqa Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam!

Mama is here getting her preparations finalized, as her team prepares the food for 300 guests that travel with the kafla. I keep looking at her wondering how it'll happen. It's a tedious task! I've come after a long time... I don't recall very much. I even expressed to Mama, that I feel I understand more, that I experience more and I probably hold in more... everything is clearer, everything is more refreshing and everything is meaningful. Mashaallah. My little sister is blessed, she's performed Umra thrice now.. and she's going to be 5 in May. She's growing up learning about the Adab and Ikhlaq of traveling in the sacred courts, we tell her stories about Uhud Sharif, we tell her stories about Masjid e Quba, we tell her about the creations of Allah, and she's learning.. and she's grasping... and inshaallah she will continue to understand better. It's better to mold a child when he/she is young rather than imposing hijaab and salaat when they're in their 20's... it's not something you impose or inforce, you guide.. teach... and let the hidaya come. Tarbiyah... blessed to have my mama raise me the way she did!

I'm a little under the weather here, I suppose I'm cleansing myself of bad deeds :) blessing in disguise yes?

I wanted to share something with all of you, which is inspiring, moving and takes a bit of belief in miracles. It is an article my mother wrote, and there are references for it for those who need them :) I remembered this today as we visited Masjid e Quba today, the first Masjid/Musallah in Madina Pak at the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam's time...

Ruhi Fidaka, Fidaka Abi Wa Ummi, Ya Rasool Allah SalAllahi Alaihe Wasallam!

Alhamdolillahe Rabil A’alameen, WasSalato WasSalaamo Aala Khatemin Nabiyyeen Wa Ala A’alehi Wa AsHabehil Ajma’een, 

وَرَفَعْنَا لَكَ ذِكْرَكَ

"Wa Rafa’ana Laka Dhikrak (Al-Inshirah: 4)
SadaqAllah ul Adheem Wa Sadaqa Rasoolohul Kareem!

As Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has Graciously stated in this Beautiful Verse of Quraan-e-Kareem:“And We have Exalted your Rememberance for you, O’ Beloved SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam!" Nations after nations, the message is constantly passed on from generation to generations and the true believers anxiously await the physical Blessed Arrival of Beloved Muhammad SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam.

This is an incredible story of the king who sent a letter to our Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam approximately a thousand & fifty years before the physical birth, seeking his Blessed Intercession! 

In Quraan-e-Kareem, there is an Aayat-e-Kareema in Juz 25, Surah Dukkhan, Ayah #37 referring to a tribe, Tub’ba.  The incident is narrated in detail in ‘Al Mustazarf’, ‘Hajatullah alal Alamin’, ‘Tareekhe Damashq by Shaykh ibne Asakir’, Shaykh Ibn Ishaq in “Al Mubteda”, Iltejan by Shaykh Ibne Hasham, Rooh-ul Bayaan, Diya’a-un-Nabi SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam, are just a few mentioned here.

About 2500 years ago, a Tub’ba king of Yemen, Abu Karb As’ ad Hamiri, went on a tour of his country and those surrounding it. He was a very rich king indeed and in his entourage he had 12,000 Aalims, physicians and learned men in addition to his army of 113,000 soldiers (1). Wherever they went, the procession of these men and soldiers, which marched with much pomp and ceremony, people gathered and lined the roadsides to watch and welcome them.

When the entourage reached the outskirts of MAKKATUL MUKARRAMA, no one came to see them or welcome them to the town. This came as a great surprise to the king. He asked his chief minister, that wherever they’ve gone the people gathered in such droves to see and welcome them, but not in Makkatul Mukarrama, why and what could be the reason?

The minister then told him that there is a house in this town called BAITULLAH SHAREEF. The people of this town and its Khaadim have great respect for it; the king’s entourage has no comparison to it and people in large numbers from places far and near come for pilgrimage to this House. In this town no one will heed the king or give any importance. They respect the Holy House more than kings.

Upon hearing this king was furious and in his anger, he swore and declared his bad intentions regarding the Holy Ka’aba. No sooner had the king uttered the words, the blood started pouring from his mouth, nose and eyes. The blood smelt so foul that his companions moved away from him and no one would come near him. He called upon his physicians and doctors for treatment but nobody could help or cure him. His condition worsened, could not sleep at night and kept tossing and turning with restlessness. He wanted to get treated and cured at any cost.

Amongst his entourage was a physician, who was also a Almighty Allah fearing Aalim. He came to the king, inspected him, and then told the king his illness is spiritual. Medicines will not work on him and inquired if he intended to do something bad or evil? If he did then he should ask for forgiveness, HE, Rabbe Kareem will pardon him and relieve him of his misery and illness if He wishes, HE MUST REPENT!

Taking the Physicians advice, the king immediately changed his evil plan. No sooner had he repented the foul smelling blood stopped spurting from his eyes, mouth and nose. He became completely cured. He was very happy at his recovery and accepted the religion of Sayyedna Ibraheem Alaihe Salaam. 

He was the first king who ordered a silk covering for the Holy Kaa’ba, which became a tradition later and which is followed till today. And he is also the first one, to put a door on Holy Ka’aba and locked it with a padlock. He gave a gift of seven gold sovereigns and seven pieces of silk clothing for each resident of Makkatul Mukarrama (2).

Having recovered, he continued his tour. The entourage next reached Yathrab (Madina-Al- Munawwara). The Aalims in this group had studied THE BOOKS that had been revealed to the Prophets Alaihemas Salaam, who had come before them. They took the blessed soil of Madina-Al-Munawwara in their hands, smelt it and looked around at the features of this Holy Land. The signs of the blessed place, where the last Messenger SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam of Allah Kareem, would make his Hijra to, as indicated in the Books, were all present here. These Aalims were overjoyed and made a commitment to stay put in this town. They refused to go back to their homeland with the king and wished to live in Madina-Al-Munawwara stating if they were fortunate, one day they would meet the Beloved Prophet Salla Allahu Ta'ala Alayhe Wasallam, but if not, then the holy dust of the Holy Sandals of the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam would land on their graves. This at least they thought, would bring Blessings and Salvation to them and their generations to come. 
Allahu Akbar Kabeerah!!!

The King, having heard Aalims and counselors, agreed to build 400 homes for them as well as a two storyed house for the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam. He also made those Aalims marry his freed slave women and awaited the Blessed Arrival of the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam along with his Aalims. After a year or so he left instructions that when the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam comes to Madina-Al-Munawwara, Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam should stay in the comfort of the double storied house. The king then dictated a letter to his Chief Aalim with a gold seal on it and requested him to present it to the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam when he comes to Madina-Al-Munawwara. He further requested should he die before that meeting, the letter should be treasured and passed onto his children and their descendents and should be presented to the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam on his behalf. He also left enough money to be provided for the needs of the 400 Aalims, who were staying behind.

The letter is then passed down from generation to generation from the Chief Aalim to his descendents. After more than a thousand years or so, the number of children from 400 Aalims had greatly increased and comprised a large percentage of the inhabitants of the population of Madina-Al-Munawwara. The letter after all this time came to be in the possession of Sayyedna Abu Ayyub Ansari RadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu, who had given it to his chief slave Abu Laila for safe keeping. (3) SubhanAllah!

When the people heard that RasulAllah SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam is coming to Madina-Al-Munawwara from Makkatul Mukarrama on Hijra, they start making the preparations for the great historical moment of the blessed arrival. The inhabitants decorated their houses and cleaned the streets. Each of them wanted the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam to grace their house with the blessed presence, but to overcome the problem Beloved Aaqa SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam suggests a proposal to let the blessed she-camel reins go free and see where it stops, that is where the Royal Guest, SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallm would bestow the honor to the owners of the house.

The blessed she-camel is let loose. It goes down the street, stops close to the two storyed house, which the king of Yemen had built, then moves forward and after a few strides, turns around, comes back again and sits near the house of Sayyedna Abu Ayyub Ansari RadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu (4). The Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam and the people come closer to this house and the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam asks the approaching servant, if he is Abu Laila? (5) Abu Laila is surprised, having his name mentioned by the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam, who has just come from Makkatul Mukarrama but already knows his name, the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam then says that he is Muhammad, Rasulullah SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam and will have his Amanah, the king of Yemen’s letter. The Beloved Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam is presented with the letter; Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam gives it Sayyedna Ali Karam Allahu Wajhu to read it aloud and then speaks the Blessed Words three times, “Congratulations to my pious servant Tub’ba Awwal Hamiri RadiAllahu Anhu”.(6)

The letter from King Hamiri RadiAllahu Anhu stated: (7) “O Beloved Rasulullah SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam! I pledge my faith in you and in the Book that will be revealed to you and I follow the path of your religion. If I am fortunate enough to see you, it will be with great pleasure. However, if this is not possible, I would request you to intercede for me and not to forget me on the Day of Judgment. I believe in your Risaalah (Prophet Hood). I seek your Bay’t in advance of your arrival. I swear that there is only one Allah and that Muhammad SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam is his true Prophet “.
(Mizanul Adyan)
Allahu Akbar Kabeerah!!!

The famous incident of the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam letting loose the reins of his blessed she-camel on arrival in Madina-Al-Munawwara, which then stops near Sayyedna Abu Ayyub Ansari RadiAllahu Anhu’s house is known to many, but the reason why it did so, may not be known. 

The incident illustrates the fact that the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam has knowledge of the Ghaib and the authority to Intercede for all people, even for those before his physical birth and Prophet Hood. And to decorate houses in celebration and Honor of the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam is not Bida’a. The Congratulatory words uttered by the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam would seem to have been directed to those he knows would come later, but would not believe in his Intercession. 

1. The exact number of Aalim and soldiers may differ in various books.
2. Here also, some books have mentioned the visit to Makkatul Mukarrama after the visit to Madina Al Munawwara.
3. The blessed she-camel stops at a place, where the first Masjid, Al Quba Shareef in Islam has been built by the blessed hands of Beloved Aaqa SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam. InshaAllah, will mention the details in another article on Hijra.
4. Name Abu Laila is mentioned in majority of the books but in some narrations, it is mentioned as a name of a learned man, who meets with the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam outside the town. 
5. As to my research, I have found out that Sayyedna Abu Ayyub Ansari RadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu was inside his house, his eyes were hurting very badly and he was praying to Allah Kareem to be blessed with the Honor of serving the Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasaalam. Later when, the blessed she- camel chose to sit outside his house, Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam entered the house and rubbed some of his Sacred Saliva from the Blessed Mouth to cure the eyes of Sayyedna Abu Ayyub Ansari RadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu. This is another one of the Blessed Miracles of our Beloved Prophet SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam. (Narrated by Shaykh Lathani Pak RehmatAllahe Ta’ala of Eidgah Shareef to his Daughter to the writer)
6. In another narration, word my brother is mentioned and not my slave.
7. In the history, the king Hamiri is also the first poet, who wrote the first couplets in the Glory of our Beloved Master SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam, 1050 years or so before the physical blessed arrival of our Beloved Master, Prophet Muhammaed SalAllahu Alaihe Wasallam!

Wama Alaina Illal Balaghul Mubeen! 

I request all those I may have hurt or disappointed, really. Forgive me. 

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