Thursday, 6 December 2012

life it is.

At some point, each of us wonders why it is that at some moments we feel flustered, at others we sigh or why it is that something so simple makes us feel like we're on the 9th cloud. Truly through seasons to people enter our lives, and with reason too! We may bicker, we may drown, we may rise.. and some may fall. In this loop we discover that the sunshine won't last always, and raindrops will surf...
ace. At the end of the day, that's just a little mystery of life, we aspire to fulfill our dreams, we wake to give living a joy, and we rise to faith... and to make it be known that each of us has a purpose and always will. Alhamdulillah to such blessings and to so much love! The recent texts, emails, inbox messages, comments and pretty much 'gifts' that I keep receiving are awesome, and undoubtedly His countless blessings upon me! :) Juma' Mubarak everyone. Wishing all of you the life of love, joy and above all.. eman!

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