Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013... the year of more happenings!

So it dawned upon me that I haven't blogged in a while and I have a perfectly responsible excuse for that.. I've been trying to get Firefly operations back and running along with something AWESOME for all those who have been asking me about Online Classes for a while now.

When we conduct our Ultimate Crafter's Workshop, there are often delays or unseen drops in attendance due to exams, situation in the city or the fact that people want to whine about the venue... when the truth is, where there is a will, there's a way.

I won't be hosting my workshops til I'm in town next for the expo, so til then... we will be beginning our online classes via Ustream. I am super duper excited about this, because this means, all our crafty friends can watch the classes online and interact with us at the same time :) isn't that neat? I have set a time of 6-9 pm Pakistan time. I'm three hours ahead in Hong Kong. It will take a few tries to make it right, but hey.. you have to start some where. There are heaps of tutorials online, but I figure for Pakistanis especially, we need a local insight as well. What materials do you find, where do you get em.. which jugaars do you come up with. I've had countless queries on the online classes since yesterday and I am very very glad that I'm having Firefly fans from around the globe connect! MashaAllah.

Those who are interested can write to me for information :) I have 18 class modules listed for queue and sign ups... but am totally flexible to more tutorial requests or technique demos. I will share freebie sessions every now and then as well.

The 18 modules do have fees but are minimal if compared to the rates currently in the market internationally! Let's just say, it's not even for my time.. it's for my laptop, the internet connection the classes run on and my crafting supplies :) Hope you all learn and this is a fruitful project. I need heaps of duas, and cannot wait to interact with you all!

Our Demo Class is Monday! 6 pm :)
bookmark this channel... and watch out for the password ;) I'll share it Monday at 5 pm.

for information on these online classes, email me at the above mentioned gmail addy.. let's learn and get crafting! all in the comfort of our pj's at home ;)

Recent news about the pages being deleted and violating terms of service.. while I never agreed with the grand giveaways, I do feel I should stop hosting the smaller ones on my page to avoid graver consequences. All giveaways from now on will be hosted here just to be safe. SO.. all of you need to click 'follow' on the righ hand side and leave your comments here!

I'm working on another project I'm excited about publishing very soon. It's for my Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam inshaAllah... and will be debuted on the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal if all goes well :) I had an article published on Firefly last month in Newsline... which had some false information. It's being rectified in this month's issue... look out for it :))

Hong Kong by the way is awesome Alhamdulillah. I'm still exploring and settling in :) you guys can follow my escapades by following me on Instagram.. firefly_girl23. If you have a photo of a Firefly purchase you want to instagram...  tag with #whimsical_firefly

:) xx

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