Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Random Little Personal Things.

Varah is actually meant to be pronounced Wara'.
It is Arabic for 'Taqwa'
It is in the Quran.
Mr Burger is my favorite Burger place!
I love roller blading.
I write as a hobby... poetry and prose.
I'm too philosophical for some, or well.. people don't get what I'm writing or saying half the time. :/
I'm very straight forward... I don't like being fake.
Favorite Color: Purple! *hard to believe it's not yellow, right?*
Favorite TV Show: I'll be honest, I don't get time to watch television. I go on for months not watching it.. but when I do.. I love Reba *yes it's old*, The Mentalist, Supernatural, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
I'm an anime fan too, Deathnote is my fave!
As for manga, I love Bride of the Water God, Alice 19th and Nana.
Favorite Make Up? Err, I love MAC! Haha. My favorite nail color is probably the only 'Chanel' I own. Alhamdulillah to everything though :)
Where do you get your hijabs? My family travels to Saudi every year, MashaAllah... and my mum gets me beautiful ones on silks and chiffons from there. I love colors and prints, and there are SO many you can get from there. :)
I have a fetish for shoes. Aldo is the place to be!
Favorite Princess fairytale? Sleeping Beauty. I love Aurora.
Who do you look up to? Personally, My Mum, My Shaykh...
Craftwise? I love the work of Anna Dabrowska, I think Tim Holtz comes up with wicked stuff! And Dyan Reavely is out of this world amazing! I love the work of artist Gustav Klimt from his Golden Era/Age, in textiles and print, there are a lot of illustrators and print artists I adore, but I love the work of Zhandra Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood.
Don't ask me about Pakistani Fashion. *grin* I wear Khaadi... and a lot of linen. I can't wear very formal clothes. I become all antsy and itchy... and I feel like they'll get ruined when I walk or sit... I always get that from my mum.. that my clothes don't last me very long -_-;
Sweet Tooth? BIG Time. I love Mrs Field's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Milano's by Pepperidge Farm and Ice Cream. Who doesn't right?
Food? Major foodie... but not someone that lives to eat. :) I've been raised to appreciate food of all sorts. I'm not one of those that say I don't eat beef, that I don't eat fish.. so forth. I love seafood. Despite living in a country where Zabiha meat is openly available, I still opt for Tuna at Subway. I love shrimps and grilled fish! I could live off that. Pastas aren't so far behind. Desi food means biryani and behari.. with the parathas! But I don't like the idea of driving an hour to get a certain type of food. -_-;
I'm not a coffe or tea person! I don't drink 'chai'... ever.
I love Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper. XD
I use my heat gun to warm Pop Tarts. hehe.
I know that most people say this, that they're not 'neat' crafters... I'm not a neat one either. BUT, I can't stand a messy room. I take out 3 sweeps of my room in a day. To get rid of all the scraps of paper and dust.
When I'm working, the floor is my workspace... and despite everything being scattered for days... I know just where everything is.
My baby sister is my biggest support system.
She's 19 years younger to me.
I've raised her, and she could pass as my own.
She's my best friend.
She inspires me in a million ways!
I love butterflies.
I tend to day dream... like a lot.
My brother and I have the craziest LOL moments.
I find thundershowers soothing.
I love rainbows.
The days I'm sad, I take a piece of paper and write SMILE SUNSHINE all over it, anywhere from a 100-1000 times. When I look at it, I just feel better and forget whatever it is I've been upset about. It's therapy!
I was raised in circumstances that made me grow up before everyone else.
Those circumstances make me WHAT I am today.
My family is my world...
My Firefly comes next.
It really is a journal...
It's been through some rough times, the spine and pages are kinda flimsy now.
I have been an arty one since I was a toddler.
I'm a  memon, only by name. I don't associate with the 'jamaats' or the language... or the 'business' sense... Firefly started as a fluke! I promise.
My teacher refused to accept me as a design student in A levels.
Today I hold a degree in Textile Design.
I had to repeat a few courses at uni... only because I did what I wanted
My advisor never believed in scrapbooking or paper craft...
Today Firefy probably has one of the biggest markets and client base for it.
I love my Rabb, Alhamdulillah.
Whatever I have... am... and aspire to be.. is with His immense Grace and Blessings!

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