Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Types of Firefly Customers

Our customers, and our fans keep us going. This is for a little bit of humor and honesty, no offense intended. Which one are you? ♥

The type of Customers we come across...

_ URGENT! You have a dire need to request an urgent order from Firefly, but when you find out it cannot be done, your date required actually finds leverage, the flight gets delayed, or the event gets postponed. (Thank you for 
giving our work this importance you guys :D)

_ You don't like writing emails, and you need our phone number to discuss your order (BUT, we manage to sort out your order and deliver it as you like minus the phone call)

_ You place an order with specific requirements and for some reason or another your luck has your order delayed, you wish to withdraw your order, not just once, but thrice... you don't though! And when your order finally reaches your hands, you're in bliss and cannot stop smiling because Alhamdulillah! it's awesomeeee!

_ You have placed an order giving a us a 3 month window, BUT you'd like to know updates on it every 2 days... Your right to! It's for the biggest occasion in your life :)

_ You LOVE shopping with us during our specials. Everyone is on a budget, and we respect that, saving even Rs 10 adds up when you make lengthy purchases. So whether it's 20% off, 40% off, buy 2 get the 3rd free, We're happy we can cater to that for you through our promotions and special discounts :)

_ You've had a request awesome enough to launch it's one product category/album (Photobooks, Luggage tags, Photo Panels)

_ You've never ordered from us, but we chit chat on and off about how you're doing, what uni life is like or how you wish to accomplish so much one day. ♥ best feeling ever!

Thank you for giving us constant projects to work on, new genres to cater to and of course, letting us know what our potential really is. Celebrating 100's of smiles every day! The forecast is whimsical with a chance of rainbows! :) ♥

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