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The Ultimate Crafter's Workshop, September

I bet everyone's psyched, because I sure am Alhamdulillah! :D We will not be in town for very long, so while we're here, we're going to host our 3 Ultimate Crafter's Series. :) 

The Ultimate Crafter's Workshop
*Karachi: 28th September*
Islamabad and Lahore, date to be announced after consensus on form. :)

We want to share what we know so you can apply it to what you know! Have questions, ask them! 

Everyone’s favorite presentation is back and it’s going to help you! *inshaAllah*

- you will learn the basics of design. This will help your work (hobby or business) be a little more composed, a bit more thought out and look a bit more complete! We’ll have a little quiz for this :) 

- if you feel you get stumped when you design or craft, we’ll show you how to plan your project!

- you want to invest in some tools and equipment? Why not try them first to see what you like and what’s easier to use! This covers, crafting tools, paper punches, die cut-embossing systems

- everyone wonders how it may be possible to emboss at home without the heavy duty equipment, it’s actually really easy. We’ll show you how.

- the basics, what we use for our projects, and WHY... simple simple stuff, your adhesives, the blades, etc

- stamping! a crafting technique on its own. It’s diverse and you can do SO much! we’ll share the heat embossing technique with you!

- application. We’ll share an archive of beautiful projects with the above applied to them!

- resources, where to go for what and when!

- come over.. we’ll have a chat over hi tea :)

The Mini Album Adventure *only in Karachi*

-you know you want to make one! And you’re going to , start to finish, with us! Supplies provided, you can bring your own bling. Kits for every attendee, access to our tools and materials. Themes to choose from.
-AMAZING collaborations brewing! We have some great crafty friends on board to help us put together the kits. You know this is already the 'awesome-est' thing ever. *wink*

The project inspirations are just what we've done with our patterned paper and themes. :) You could come up with something totally different!

By selecting one of the themes above, you receive the following in your kit:
-chipboard base for the mini album
-2 book rings for binding (imported)
- patterned paper to adorn the cover
- cardstock paper to coordinate inner pages
- trim and lace
- handmade flowers and embellishments
- die cut shapes, tags and borders to coordinate with the theme
- 'bling'
- findings to jazz up the album 

You are welcome to bring your own materials to tweak up the mini album :)
You will work start to finish on this album within the class. 
No kit to be sold separately.
No kit leaves unused.

September Crafting Classes
*only in Karachi

You get to sign up for two of these! Wohooot!

- Vintage Cards
- Stamped Cards
- Journaling Cards and Tags
- Tagbooks

Each class is for two hours. Will be held at 
residence (Clifton/Defence)

To modules from the above must be selected.
Vintage Cards, want to have a look at what makes a card feel vintage? Further, want to make one yourself?

Stamped Cards, how to use image stamps, render the image and further, put it to use in cardmaking.

Journaling Cards and Tags, how to come up with your own tags and cards for keepsake albums, gift tags and such!

Tag Books, one of our first keepsakes. We'll teach you how to make your own :)

The Crafter's Guild, a Membership that just may boost the craft bug in you! <3

The Perks?
-you are going to be issued the official The Firefly Crafter’s Guild Card. 
-10% off on your classes with Firefly *not entitled to this session*
-10% discounts on your Craft Bin Purchases.
-Free sittings at crafting seminars and talks!
-No expiration

We are constantly traveling, and while we do so, we love learning and taking classes ourselves! Alhamdulillah... so while we can share what we have learned or know, why not avail it?

The Package

The Ultimate Crafter’s Workshop
3 hour workshop, with a presentation, demos, tutorials, quiz, questions and answer session, resources and more. Top the evening with hi tea!
Rs 3500

The Ultimate Mini Album Adventure
Start to finish, mini album fun! Mini Album Kit, access to our tools and heaps of help! :)
Rs 3000

The September Crafting Class Modules
4 total hours of learning your favorite crafting bit!
Rs 2500 for 2

The Crafter’s Guild Membership
a card that gives you access to our special talks/seminars for free. Even gives you a 10% off on your Craft Bin Purchases. You get an e Newsletter every month with tips, tricks and tutorials.
Rs 1800 

Sign up for the whole thing this September!
Rs 10,500 

Pre register, with a non refundable advance payment
Rs 8,500

We're giving away a Sizzix Sidekick

At every crafter's workshop, we give away gifts to our attendees and participants. This time we're steppin it up a notch! Alhamdulillah :D
All our registrants attending the upcoming session have a chance at winning one of these! It die cuts and embosses! :) It comes with the standard cutting pads, we might add in a couple of dies and embossing folders ;) 
You not only learn about the tools and using them, but you get a chance at owning one of your own! We’ve ordered one that we will be gifting away when we return from our U.S. trip inshaAllah. :D

What are you waiting for?!
The form is available, please click the link below. 
Your regsitration form will be reviewed and replied back to with payment details. You may opt to pay via online transfer, or drop by our place to confirm your registration in person. :)

Registrations are open for our Ultimate Crafter's Workshops for the cities of Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Dates are within forms.

The Ultimate Crafter's Workshop is available to all 3 cities.

Card Making, Tag Book and Mini Album Adventure classes are only in Karachi for the time being.

 More people means, less costs per person! So get your friends on board, let's do this :D

Karachi, 28th September

Rawalpindi/Islamabad, 20th October

Lahore, 14th October

Islamabad and Lahore, we are offering the basic Ultimate Crafter's Workshop, duration approximately 4 hours. We are working on bringing journaling tags you can dress up, stamp and emboss for your project as part of the workshop :)

We cannot travel unless 15 registrants are on board for the workshop.

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