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long due.

Given you've stumbled upon here, you've probably got some curious questions, or maybe you're a silent observer, or you like stalking profiles and blogs, or you're just wondering what this blog may contain, or you're a genuine follower of Firefly and the Life as the Firefly Girl blog. Whichever reason it may, Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones :) Wishing you heaps of happiness always, and oodles of duas for all of Allah Kareem's blessings. Ameen.

I haven't been very active over at the blog for a number of reasons. Ramadan was such a busy and beautiful month. SubhanAllah. It came and just swooshed by! I came in to town due to my visa, in between my grandmother in the hospital, my brother visiting abroad, and the 99 Project. Things have been immensely dependent of my time... and in Ramadan we just don't get out anywhere to start with. It's a different ambiance altogether. You just feel all refreshed, like it's a holiday from the world. Everyone assumes the devil is in shackles, so psychologically our efforts to contain our deeds just become more and more dependent on our 'piety'... Alhamdulillah to that! :)

While I had a great Ramadan, MashaAllah... I still sat at the end reflecting and thinking.. nothing good ever comes without some hurdles. You know? No good deed goes fulfilled without a bit of struggle, and surely.. nothing positive travels without nuisance for negativity.

This Ramadan, we took on the 99 Project. A sweet friend now, Hera had requested the 99 names of Allah Subhana u Ta'la in a whimsical way almost 6-8 months ago. I had intended to doodle each name in arabic with my craziness. It then dawned, wait a minute, flashcards! We could really use those and benefit as well! There's no turning back since then. Hera contributed to several of our initial flash cards, for which I am super duper grateful. JazakiAllah. :D Then things had to expedite, because everyone wanted these for Eid! My printer, myself, my family and SO many well wishers, worked really really hard on this.. and Alhamdulillah.. we delivered 52 sets for Eid. That's 5200 flash cards, 52 hand made boxes, 52 scored, cut and folded inserts, and of course, 100 shades of color to organize in gradation. I didn't think it would be possible.

There was so much text to research, so many points to consider...  but it happened. I had my younger brother and cousin help a lot on this. We picked one day for volunteers to come in, Sonya, Hira, Simran, and Hera! You guys were my super stars. Alhamdulilah... we picked up speed, and we began having so much fun organizing the cards in order for each stack to be delivered in time. I received texts from them out of the blue when I least expected... others couldn't make it for whatever reason. I still thank them for the thoughts :) Tahoora and Marium... Xara and Iqra. :)

At the last minute our Shaykh's son flew into town, I shifted my workspace to my grandma's... and took help from her attendants and my aunt. We had fun doing that too.

Not to mention, my Big Shot broke down after Iftar two days before envelope deliveries! I was in tears. I didn't know what to do. I didn't yell or scream, I just asked my younger brother what am I supposed to do now. See, I asked him to help me emboss... and that backfired -_-; I look at it this way, yes delays arise, but kaam nahi rukta... especially ours. Allah Kareem has granted me immense luck and blessings! We had a Firefly fan respond to an SOS post on the page, she had a Bigshot available to purchase! Can you imagine?! Ordering one would take 6 weeks, when I had to submit work in two days. SubhanAllah. A friend commented on this too, how when others need to purchase one or are looking for one, a die cutting machine isn't around. I cannot thank Samar enough for being so so kind about getting the Bigshot to me as early as the next morning. *miracle*

My printer was stunned by our luck on our 99 project too btw, we've never had our colors turn out perfect, jobs turn out so neat, and work produced in such a quantity in such a short span of time. MashaAllah MashaAllah. Mama kept repeating one thing, saying that this is a good deed, it is an act of goodness, to help others to become closer to Allah Subhana u Ta'la... He would NEVER leave us stranded or allow us to fall to harm... and it's true! Whatever I have is because of Him. Whatever I am, Whatever Firefly is... it is truly His Karam upon me.

Such a beautiful and powerful thing, Asma ul Husna, the Beautiful Names... they are so strong in good and deeds, that even Shaytaan's minions attempted to play me during Ramadan. Day 1... someone wanted to nit pick at the spelling, claiming I used the same fault and showed disrespect to Allah Subhana u Ta'la's name.. by not capitalizing the 'A'... when clearly I know how many fonts I've used, my own manuscript writing has the A written the same way. Going as far to judge I care about my post more than Allah Subhana u Ta'la's name. O_o  Day 2.. something similar. Day 3.. PayPal, I'm pretty positive I know I'm putting up PayPal as a payment option because I know it can be used through my foreign account, I have used it before... and I would obviously have my homework done before I plaster it on my page. You know we had a flat tire out of nowhere when I had to pick up the 99 sets when they got ready? O_o It was test of patience, I swear! But Alhamdulillah.. we made it. We pulled through!

This all has been learning, but brings me to something a little less sunny side up. I was really really heartbroken the 1st of Shawwal, the night when all the networks jammed. Not because someone said something to me, but because someone 'judged'... misconstrued... and further spoke of me in not so nice terms. When it was all a misunderstanding. When I never even implied anything of the sort! I have never ever implied an insult to any other page, any other artist, or any person in particular... except for one that openly copied and pasted my work sometime back, indirectly telling them they have the potential to be more creative. People ask me to share details on copycats, I never do! Because that isn't my place. But going on, taunting, mocking, or making fun of who I am, how I go about my work when it is no where near relevant to you, is a little unfair. Is it not? It was a little hilarious when I thought about it because it reflected the essence of Ramadan, the night it ended, was when these 'negative' thoughts entered the minds of others... provoked their emotions and led others to contribute. I don't wish to dwell on this further, now that Alhamdulillah, that 'situation' is sorted. But it leads me to express and share something for others who have come to know me as a person through my work, or are friends I interact with on a daily basis, in person or via Facebook.

- Firefly is my journal, if you wish to call it a brand, a company, a business.. go ahead. :)
- I do not sit there and scheme 'plans' to hurt, insult or upset people
- If you feel hurt by something I have said or done, I probably do not know of it, please talk to me before you talk about me with others
- I am not a perfect Muslim, but please do not judge me or my eman
- I don't claim I have a factory or a warehouse, so please don't tell people that that's what I say.
- I do not have an army of employees, but do have a strong team of staff at home, my family and of course my printer... that are my full support by the Grace of Allah Subhana u Ta'la
- If I were an uptight little brat, who always wanted to take credit for everything and claimed that I started this or started that in Pakistan, I'd probably not be the one giving crafting classes or sharing whatever I know with others! There are blogs across the web, and tutorials galore... those who want to know can google... but if they don't, I'm not one of those that keeps secrets... my blog is available to all of you, my crafting classes are there, too. I've been raised to share and help others! Alhamdulillah!
- If you have a beef with me, talk to me about it before ranting and raving to others in your company. That would save you the 'deeds' of gossip...
- I cannot be two faced.. Ever. If I don't like you, I'll be reserved, I won't be involved, concerned or anything related.. If I adore you, I'll give, share, and gleam with 'happy'...

Those with issues at all whatsoever with the content posted on Firefly or the blog, my friend Allah Kareem has not asked you to remain on this blog post, or keep a 'like' on our page :) It's a means of expression for me, a textile design graduate, a dreamer, a poet... a person with vision and contemplation. If my ideas or expression intimidate you.. I'm sorry :/ The forecast is whimsical with a chance of rainbows, the gray clouds aren't here yall.

This was a little pledge/reflection I had, which I'm sure a lot of others could relate to:
It's a funny story when you take a minute to reflect. Ramadan leaves us, its blessings and lessons don't... may our eman remain strong, may our deeds be rewarded, our ibadah be accepted, our sabr exalted, and our lives reformed. Think for a minute, despite the month of Shawwal dawning, are you going to let faith slip away for the next 365 days? Make a pledge, to think positive, to remember Allah Kareem at all times, to obey Him, to supplicate and call unto Him, to curb your anger, to hold back your abusive words, to give more alms, to be more kind-hearted, to be a little more respectful... perhaps a little more honest... maybe a tad bit more aware of your faith, and more a good human... working to be a better Muslim, despite the world changing and evolving astray around you. May Allah Kareem bless us all, and grant us abundance of His tidings always! 

On a positive note, our Ultimate Crafter's Workshop is baaaack for September inshaAllah :) We're working on some fun collaboration with names you might recognize. :D Stay tuned everybody! Registrations are now open. And oh yeah! I ordered a Sizzix Sidekick XD It's a mini version of the Big Shot, allows you to emboss and cut with the smaller dies and embossing folders. WHICH means, one person's going to be pretty luck in their crafting projects. InshaAllah :D

We only work to promote good Alhamdulillah. And further... Allah Kareem knows best.

Eid Mubarak. Love. Smile Sunshine! :)

I'm sending out eid gifts this weekend! :D to my Firefly fans for sharing their first day of Eid with us. Such beautiful stories. Sent out some rainbow pegs to our crafty girls last week. And received adorable charms as gifts recently. :D See? These things bring people closer together, gift giving, smiles... Alhamdulillah! <3

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