Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Well, there you go. I have a new word...
Alhamdulillah. I just finished up my dissertation submission packet... you know, the softcopy-hardcopy deal. I think the solar eclipse is showing its affects early... delays and glitches galore today! Wrong alignment, ink finishing, light going in the middle of printing... no light at the printer's. I am slightly upset about the loadshedding business here. I feel so bad, my luggage tags didn't get back in time for someone who was traveling. *sad face* There's behtri in all things... I'm positive of that! Can't put things on process fearing the whole job will get ruined.. and that's pretty expensive material right there.

Anyhow, emails are caught up. Man, Alhamdulillah... thanks Sonya! You were a good friend pushing me to do the luggage tags. :) I had been putting off doing something on that size for a long long time, and the luggage tags are the summer's in thing. *Well duh, people are traveling, they need em* I traveled with Musavvir tags myself this summer. And I must say, it DID make identifying my luggage on the baggage carousel. :D Eureka! Ribbons always worked, too... but these just look like you actually cared about doing something for your travel needs before hand instead of half an hour before the plane took off. :P No offense. Personally tried and tested.

I began my internship yesterday... which ended up being an off... and today was an official start. :) It was awesome. I'm working with a Rural Development Program. We strive to give livelihood to village craftsmen and artisans through innovation for their existing crafts. Which is actually important to our culture and heritage! We help sustain their traditions... well.. we give them a little spark :) So I'm really psyched about the next two weeks designing and intervening. We sorted through some stuff today for an upcoming exhibition in Dhaka. It was amazing to see what a few colors can do design... some of the embroideries and block prints were LOVELY.

I finally found inspiration for my Mini Thesis... Gustav Klimts fabulous work. The wheels are churning Alhamdulillah.. looking forward to having substantial development by this weekend inshaALLAH! Make dua for me everybody. I really really need it. :)

Shab-e-Miraj coming up. Please forgive me for any shortcomings or anything I may have said or done to upset you. I'm serious... things happen, life changes. May Allah Kareem keep everyone wrapped in His Grace and keep everyone happy and blessed. :)

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