Friday, 24 June 2011

2k and going!

MashaALLAH, we made the 2000. :) Allah Kareem is Supreme! He is AWESOME :D Not because of the number, but because all these people I keep meeting have turned out to be individuals with whom I've quite a bit in common! Alhamdulillah!

So to celebrate, I had posted that the 20th person would get a 5 pocket tag-album... a disaster this has been. I've decided, I will give out random gifts or not announce such things because I've come across people who've gone and dwelled into petty issues. If I see your comment is the 19th, or another person's the 20th, that IS what I will go by. Emailing me about 'previous' experiences... which I honestly have let gone of is really strange. I felt really hurt to receive such an email this morning. With comments such as
"cuz of the previous things that took place btw us! mujhey tumhare competition main part lena hi nai chahiye tha".  Frankly, I don't even recall what happened to the 'previous' things... it was mis-communication. And I believe I did pretty well letting it go! What was the point of bringing this up NOW?

This never even crossed my mind! And I would be fair over what's right... I do NOT hold things against people... well.. spammers yes. They get banned.:/ But this was just sad for me. I was gifting the tagbook to celebrate. Not sit there to read such things... OR have people count the comment number they have JUST to win it... Jeez. Firefly is about genuine sentiments, I will not be holding such give-aways anymore. Or not like this anyway.

Anyhow. This aside, I'd still like to congratulate Rida Rohail... she's the 20th PERSON to comment :) So Rida gets to pick out the theme to a 5 pocket tagbook... the metal wordings don't count, as well... they're slightly out there. ;)

I am holding a special for tagbooks til August 15th. :) This means the 5 pocket which is for 900, is down to 800. And the 1200 pocket page is down to 1000. Metal wording tag albums remain 1200 and 1500.

I have some fun chipboad albums I'll be playing around with inshaALLAH. Limited pieces, but that's what makes everything awesome. :D lots of new goodies to embellish with and nifty new tools to make work awesome. Alhamdulillah. :) Today is work day. So getting started on all those tagbooks I had booked while away. :) 

I did an inventory yesterday at about 4 am of all the patterned paper I have. SubhanAllah, I have over 500 patterns and designs. hehe... Planning to utilize them to the fullest now that they're all organized. :) New paper stacks to craft with, too!

Did I mention? the Scrapper Session Kits include goodies by EK Success (K&Company), Scrappy Cat, as well as American Crafts. I use the above products in all my scrapbooking and crafting projects! Love em to bits :) Other faves, although I was unable to sneak into the kits, are the Paper Studio and DCWV. Their stuff is out of this world. REALLY. Their paper especially. Love Paper Studio's ribbons and embellishments. Die Cuts With a View have paper stacks that are beautiful. And the range is so extensive! Paper Studio's slightly less heavy on the pocket in comparison to DCWV... but there are smart ways to shop for em. ;) Those who've enrolled themselves in the Scrapper Sessions will learn all about it. :D


  1. I'm sorry about those mean comments. People will always hate. But you gotta focus on the looooove (:
    I hope Firefly goes a long way <3

  2. Mahrukh Khawar25 June 2011 at 00:10

    sad to hear what happened to something so awesomely cute as the Firefly giveaway. I actually looked forward to those :D Anywhoo, congratulations for the 2-amazing-thousand!which is 2007 now btw :P

  3. Congratulations firefly!!!
    You're doing a fab job!!! Love
    _api <3

  4. Hi i just came across your fb page and blog. i would like to say ur work is amazing an INSHALLAH u will go a long way. Dunt care abt such comments coz ppl talk n we shud just concentrate on our work. Wish you all the best!!


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