Wednesday, 21 September 2011

shivers and shudder...

Well, sitting against the headboard last 2 nights and then today as well has been... slightly uncomfortable. The passing by of every tanker and trailer makes me feel like the ground is moving... an earthquake perhaps.. or maybe that's my little escape evading the thought of another blast somewhere.

My Monday morning was a jumpstart quite literally waking up on the wrong side of the bed to a sound horrifying. It felt like my windows would cave in. Everything was just moving.. shaking. I stormed out of my room.. and well. Within minutes we know what had happened. Taqdeer is written in so many ways... and life and death are ordained on the same patter. We feel sorrow, we feel the hurt... but we must awaken ourselves to accept that what God wills, shall and will always be!

With life's little chapters, I am grateful that I have one of the greatest sources of optimism and inspiration... Firefly. I never expected it to be where it is now. Alhamdulillah to the success I hold now... it is all because of Him. :)

I think it's kinda cute how several young people out there believe I'm not only an Indus Grad, but now teach there. Haha. Kiddos I'm in my final semester! Some ways to go! :) Prayers please? Time is flying by so quickly... and that farewell is nearing. The only thing constant in life is change. But how much change can we consider ourselves content with?

Believing in the Master plan.. I'm just taking each day as it happens I suppose. Alhamdulillah to all the little magical moments I've witnessed in recent weeks with my little sister. Who would prefer to be me if not my clone. She's four. And wants what I want. Wants to be what I want to be. And wants a visiting card as yellow as mine!

While we are talking about yellow and some happy thoughts.. I'm considering the scrapper session! Plans got delayed with the situation with the rains.. then the city.. and then.. well you get the idea. How does a five hour crafter's retreat sound?! Learn some techniques, get the hang of layouts, take a look at some really neat tips and tricks and get your mind going. :D All those interested.. send me a one liner on gmail.. so I get a rough idea about the preparations and response. :)

An exhibition is due.. but at the moment, it's just thesis madness... and well.. madness is.. mandatory to excel or proceed further in life ;) hehe. Happy Madness everybody! Smile Sunshine.

PS: I'm half asleep.

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